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kif respect happy tam kugel hurra top frec bigup
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Entries: 81
04.12.2008 14:48, rewax :
moin jah :)
wenn die kleine slsk welt nicht zu erreichen ist
fehlt uns was ?!
merken wir erst dann das ohne das
kein wirklicher input zustande kommt ?!
so on lets have a cup of tee
see us respect

13.11.2008 21:34, bloodclot general from Gizeh E-mail :
anotha massive bulletin on myspace Mario.
.......busy...........signal.. .........
happy happy happy

28.10.2008 07:12, Hellzwind from M.I.Y.A.Y.O E-mail :
yes yes evrythang fine now.....hehehe.
Whut bout next Weekend Warrior.....???
Cash Money flowin lately.
Call yuh.......dropped the Russian from myspace chat rubbish nuh doin wit I say lol.
Aight the Mario Helloween ah become Reality soon as mi was Michael from di Flikkk lol.
B. respect

06.10.2008 16:22, xawer E-mail :
and thanks jah rasta :-)
make more sound like this!!


30.09.2008 21:55, Bernie E-mail :
Big tune you play Mr DJ keep the tunes flowing

we are lissen wid we BIG EARS nuff respect jah Bless and Guide xx

23.08.2008 14:47, Mistah Blakk E-mail :
Whaat ah Gwaan........Stonelove izz up on my myspace site......Toulouse canceled thx Nailah&Nyanda hahahaha but I am proud dem wrote Mario......A`Dam I am cummin hahaha smokin treez plus sippin from di Brown Bottle......may B I stop by in HH......let mi know If yuh got time to endure mi ......

14.08.2008 11:32, King-Sound :
irie greetings massive!

thx fi de big ups and hopefuly raspek!
Jah bless yu all whereever yu are

So tune in again and keep it locked

Blessed Love


07.08.2008 15:12, xawer/test :
moin und weiter so! :-))
viele grüße in die hanse stadt

sagt der urlaubs_xawer
der dann jeden tag zuhörer ist :-)

ah ja respekt man !! :)cYu

03.08.2008 15:39, adia E-mail :
Sending nuff luv and raspeck ;)

06.07.2008 16:03, Blacky E-mail :
2 Mal Schnulli gestern und heut Mittag Mario.........du weisst was das heisst......dem ah walk di streets dem ah have nah shame dem nuh have regret....itz time I know.......muss weg aus Mil..........hope u happy Man gotta talk 2 my lil sis in big Canaria itz her 13th B Day hehehe at least dem ah safe.....

Page: < 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 >
Entries: 81
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